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Do Ghanaians Really Buy Songs From iTunes Or Our Musicians Are Simply Wasting Their Time Promoting Their Songs On There?

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Do Ghanaians really buy songs from iTunes and other monetized sale platforms online?
Musicians in Ghana just like their counterparts in developed economies do make money through the sale of their songs on iTunes. Nonetheless, I can bet you that about 6/10 Ghanaians presumably don’t even know how to purchase songs from iTunes and this could be a worry especially for musicians in this economy with fan base who are mostly illiterates or youthful.
I’m in no way saying our musician should abandon iTunes totally but I think it will be best for them to really study their audience very well before deciding on the best platform for their music distribution and sale.
I doubt fans of Medikal, Joey B, Pappy Kojo and the rest will buy their songs online considering their demographic nature which is mostly the youth with little or less money (not among the working population).
However, established artists like Sarkodie, Manifest and the other big shots can easily make some sales online considering the fact that they are popular outside Ghana as well and their songs appeal to many. Songs from Manifest and Wanlov for example do not only appeal to Ghanaians only but to their foreign audience as well.
My point here exactly is before an artist wastes his/her time and money pushing songs on these monetized platforms ~ he or she should know the kind of audience involved. I mean come on, we live in a country where TV stations who are to know best about copyright laws happily show pirated movies for their viewers.
In our part of the world, piracy rules and a lot of people will try different means to get the songs online for free. On the other hand, the songs are indeed online for free so why bother buying it.
I saw a comment on Efya’s page recently that prompted me to make this story. The award winning singer shared a link to her recently released single “Until the Dawn“and one comment on her page read “I already have the song and video”. I’m not concluding the person didn’t buy it from iTunes but I choose to believe the obvious rather.
Let me give you 4 reasons why I believe a lot of Ghanaians do not purchase songs online
1. A lot of Ghanaians do not own credit cards or visa cards.
Even if some ardent fans decide to get the songs online, most of them do not own credit card or visa cards which is the main payment method. Visa cards are common to people who transact businesses online and in Ghana the nature of most businesses do not require it.
2. There is also the tendency for those who even have the credit cards to not figure out how to get the song. It is possible that buying the song online might seem stressful and tedious to some people especially if the process is new to them. To purchase a song from iTunes for example, you need to own an Apple account and have signed in to the iTunes Music Store as  well. The frustration itself is enough to make a lot of people abandon the idea.
Steps for purchasing songs on itunes

Steps for purchasing songs on itunes

3. The songs or let’s say most of the complete albums are virtually online for free. Yaa Pono recently released his album “faster than gods” and a day later the songs were all over the internet. Manifest released his “no where cool” album a somewhere last year and a few days later a link was posted online to download it for free.
4. Copyright right laws simply do not work in Ghana. Laws regarding copyrights are simply relaxed in Ghana to the the extent that materials are distributed freely online without sanctions from authorities. When it comes to Ghanaian movies the least said the better. With this, it is hard if not impossible to control the amount of money lost illegally.
Nonetheless, there are still true fans who purchase songs from their favorite artists online to support them.
YouTube for me is ideal for monetizing songs/videos especially in our part of the world because it gives you both the reach and the money. Ghanaians comparably watch a lot of videos on Youtube.
I think I will do a street survey one day ~ and seek from fans if they really purchase songs from their favorite artist from iTunes and the rest.
The survey can start from this blog — Have you ever purchased any song from your favorite artist online before?

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